Media Solutions

Your radio or television station website can be more than just music playlists and events. Adding additional marketing revenue solutions is a way to reach into your core audience to find people who need and want to advertise with your station. We have the knowledge and experience to blend together web design and development to create powerful media solutions. Get ready because once you start the leads will quickly turn from prospects to advertising clients.
Our Half Off Car Care website utilizes our Catalyst Checkout Software that allows users to purchase gift certificates to local area merchants for Half Off or More from the retail value. Looking to target Auto industry then utilizing Half off Care Car website will generate your group more cash. VertaSource is offering exclusive market opportunities so contact us today.

CBS Radio in Baltimore desired an online resource for Baltimore Area homeowners who are looking for a contractor to bid on their home improvement projects. Our lead generation systems are the perfect match for any business, legal, auto, or home improvement, who is looking to generate more leads online. Media groups can benefit from a partnership with one of our lead generation systems to get new or current clients advertising with their radio or television station.

Weather Closings
Scrambling to find out what is closed due to weather in your area just got a whole lot easier. With our new Closing Central application, all of the information you need is all in one place. Users have the ability to customize personalized email alerts tailored to their specific regions, allowing them to select area schools and universities they need updates for. Media Groups can add their advertising to each of those customized email alerts that are sent out.

Microsites by definition are an individual web page or cluster of pages which are meant to function as an auxiliary supplement to a primary website. Basically what that means is they are web pages built to enhance you existing site and generate industry targeted revenue. They can be used as lead generation systems, a meeting place for hobby enthusiasts, to create awareness in your community, and so much more.

Here are a couple of examples:

  • Wine Club - Is your area rich in wineries? Here is an example of what we could do for your Wine Trail.
  • Mix and the City - Tonight is Ladies Night. Kick the boyfriend to the curb and visit Mix and the City to find out where you are heading.
  • The Pink Pages - This is the perfect site for any charity looking to find a new online home.
  • What’s For Dinner? - Bored of the same dinner night after night? What’s for Dinner is your example of how to drive users to new and exciting recipes.
  • Pay It Forward - Give the gift that keeps on giving. Pay It Forward allows you to help out your favorite charity.

Desktop Branding
What is desktop branding? It allows you to break away from the clutter online, be interactive with your audience and can act as a screenmate. A branded desktop application gives you the flexibility to present your information up to date direct to the user.

Desktop Gadgets, a mini application that runs on the side on your screen, can be customized with your logo, ads and promotion. If you want to enhance your brand, drive traffic to your website, and generate revenue, then this is the application you need.

Desktop Branding options are traffic, social networking, weather, news, school closings, sport scores and more.

Contact us today to learn more how your media group can benefit from one of the solutions that VertaSource has to offer. Have an idea that you want to add to your radio or television website, let our experienced web developers assist you in turning your idea into a local online ad revenue solution.