Website Hosting Services from VertaSource

Companies today are utilizing the Internet to conduct business on line. A down website means a missed opportunity. Don’t take a chance with just any hosting provider. VertaSource understands what it takes to host your website and can tailor services specific to your needs for either shared hosting or managed hosting services.

Monitoring / Managed Services
All systems in the VertaSource shared web hosting and managed hosting environment are monitored 24x7, with support staff onsite. Servers and network are monitored for items such as bandwidth/memory/processor utilization, temperature and security analysis. Websites and web applications are monitored for response time and specified content scans. Deviation from norms triggers alerts with varying degrees of severity activating a customized incident notification and escalation process.

Backup / Disaster Recovery
Web solutions hosted by VertaSource are backed up to an external drive storage array, typically on a weekly full / daily incremental rotation, though other accommodations can be made. This applies to both data files as well as databases. Data restoration is available by request. A redundant facility is maintained in the event of catastrophic location failure at our hosting facility.

FTP Access
Secure file transfer protocol access to both the web solution as well as backup of any databases is available upon request.

Web Traffic Analysis
Web statistics are available for all solutions, utilizing Google Analytics, providing real-time information on activity. VertaSource’s web hosting environment provides a robust set of enterprise features, focusing on reliability and security.

Power Supply
Our data center provides redundant power systems with an Inline power backup using Liebert UPS systems and an onsite, 1 mega-watt Caterpillar generator with 4 days of standby fuel. In case of power outages, our power management system powers up the generator within seconds and even transfers power to our UPS for charging. The Liebert UPS systems, control and constantly monitor the quality of power so that all equipment receive 120-volt power, all the time. Moreover, our UPS and generators are tested weekly to ensure maximum reliability.

Cooling Systems
Our equipment is safeguarded by redundant indoor cooling systems that are kept at an optimal temperature. The cooling systems offer an accurate and reliable control of humidity, airflow, and room temperature that improves the working conditions for the susceptible electronic equipment. Our data center has been set in a place with 7,500 sq ft of raised flooring with 8, 20-ton AC units.

These features include:
• Two fully DGP redundant DS3 45MB pipes with 100MB pipe to a redundant ISP
• Fire detection and fire suppression systems with FM200 system
• Redundant power supply provides dual power feeds and backup batteries
• Redundant climate control provides primary and backup chiller units
• 24x7 monitored interior and exterior closed-circuit television surveillance
• Electronic access at all data center entrances
• Electronic key management systems and individually keyed cabinets

Support Availability Live support is available 24x7, with a two hour response time. Request resolution time varies based on scope of issue. Support is available via telephone, e-mail or text message.

For more information and pricing on our Web Hosting and Website Support Services call at (716) 853-1440.