Email Marketing

VertaSource provides Email Marketing Solutions that get results.

Email has become a vital part of doing business. It has total changed the way companies communicate internally and externally as well as how companies market themselves on the internet.

A dynamic email marketing strategy can have a dramatic effect on your business by creating an easy and cost effective way of communicating with your current customers and targeted customer bases.

Whether you’re looking to streamline company communications, or to begin an effective online marketing campaign; our experienced email marketing team has a track record of getting results for our customers in the Buffalo NY area and across the country.

We can design a custom email marketing solution that is right for your company. Whether we manage the system or teach you how to use custom templates to run your own email marketing and content management system. By making it as simple as cut and paste, we can help you get the results you’re looking for.

Manage lists, create newsletters, track clicks, manage content; we can broadcast your email message or empower you to manage a robust email marketing campaign.

If you’re looking for a cost effective way to market your business and reach more people quickly, Email Marketing is the answer. VertaSource offers a variety of flexible Email Marketing solutions that keeps your company directly connected to your current customers and community.

For more information and pricing on our Email Marketing Solutions call at (716) 853-1440.

Diamond CuttersDiamond Cutters

Diamond Cutters desired a email marketing solution that allowed them to send out an email to subscribers with the ability to track registration for their event into a database.