Client Relationship Management is just that…managing a relationship through efficient communications.

Today’s business is fast paced and you need a tool to keep communications organized, actionable, and meaningful. VertaSource represents Microsoft Dynamics CRM that will help put relevant data at your fingertips… whether you’re in the office or on the road… fully integrated with Outlook, your company website, or other customized online tools important to your business... Results Redefined

Businesses today know that when they help their customers thrive, they thrive. However, helping the right client at the right time with the right product can be a daunting task. That’s where Microsoft Dynamics CRM may help.

Achieve a full 360 degree view of your clients and prospects. With Dynamics CRM you are able to arm you sales, marketing, and client services team with relevant client information so that they may make efficient use of their time.

Sales personnel are able to easily acquire and use customer and prospect data. The sales process is easily defined and managed so that sales teams are able to determine the best prospects with whom to invest time. Sales management is able to manage to revenue goals through sales metric analysis and forecasting. All client communication including proposals, orders, and invoices are available within a couple of clicks.

Marketing is able to define and manage marketing campaigns with leads, clients, and prospects in the system. Lists are easily segregated and managed so that targeted messages may be brought to the right group. The communication that occurs as the marketing campaign is launched is easily managed and tracked. Resulting activity from the campaign including capturing opportunities and turning them into sales and understanding the effectiveness of each campaign is readily known.

Client Services is able to log cases and schedule follow-up. Whether the resolution is tied to a knowledge base article or the result of involving a person from another department, communication and follow-up with the client is made seamless. Over time analyzing client issues through the system may help you stay ahead of future issues before they arise. Client satisfaction is ultimately improved through timely and effective resolutions to client requests.

When Dynamics CRM is applied and used well, businesses are able to stay ahead of the curve and the competition.