BI and Reporting

Business Intelligence is one of the primary keys to effective decision-making.

VertaSource provides in-depth knowledge on how to assist your business with the historical, current and predictive decisions. Your organization is focused on acquiring new customers, increasing revenues and profit and beating the competition. Let us help you on organizing your operation efficiently.

Business Intelligence (BI) solutions will help set the benchmark that your industry metrics are based on while giving your employees a high level bird’s eye view on what’s going on within quick and easy dashboards. Once all the reporting is laid out your business can engage in a scorecard to align the benchmarks.

The reports from a dashboard may be laid out so your employees see the high level process and drill down into a low level data. The level of detail all depends on who within the company is seeing the information. Key performance indictors (KPI), scorecards, and sales performance statistics are some of the content on a business intelligence dashboard.

Standard or custom reporting applications can be developed based on your business needs. Our team of programmers can generate the reports via a web interface using the SQL Server reporting services along with Crystal Reporting software.

Business Intelligence (BI) provides tools to help verify your companies’ insight and even discover new ones. Maximize your company’s operational flexibility with putting into place a decision support system.